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We use Square Appointments for booking. Within a few clicks you’ll have an appointment. A Credit Card being on file IS required, but assuredly we’ve never had any issues with Square Appointments. 


  1. Choose between Barber or Salon type services with the two buttons provided. Click ‘ALL SERVICES’ to see everything we have to offer on one list. 

  2. When you book make sure you’re booking with the correct barber or stylist, or if you’ve no preference click ‘first available’.

  3. If you made a mistake booking, immediately cancel it through the link in your confirmation text, or reach out to 502-489-7164 if you have any trouble. 





note: We’re all human and things come up, so we do our best to work with our guests so long as we feel they're meeting us halfway.


  1. You have up until 48 Hours before your appointment to cancel or reschedule through the booking site found in the link in your text reminders. 

  2. If it’s less than 48 hours until your appointment you must contact management via Text or Phone Call @ 502-489-7164 to notify you cannot make it, and then management must confirm they’ve received, and approved your Cancellation Request for there to be no Cancellation Fee.  

  3. The Late Cancellation / No-Show Fee is up to the dollar amount of the service(s) booked in your appointment(s). 

  4. There are exceptions to being charged the full amount or waiving of the fee, but unless you reach out to the phone number above- if you no call / no show you will be charged the full amount of services. 

  5. Again, we’re all human, and we value your business above all else. We want YOU to be a Regular Client of ours that acknowledges no-showing, or cancelling your appointment at the last minute likely takes away our ability to serve another client in that time slot. The closer to 48 hours you reach out to cancel the more likely we are to waive the fee as we’ll be more likely to fill that spot. 





Most of the rules for rescheduling are already listed under the LATE CANCELLATIONS / NO-SHOWS section, however, to make rescheduling easier let's walk through exactly what that process looks like:


  1. If it’s MORE than 48 hours from your scheduled appointment you can go to your last automated text from Square Booking, click the link, make sure you’re signed in on the site with the same info you used to make the appointment, and/or click ‘Menu’, then click ‘My appointments’, then click ‘Upcoming’. Click the appointment you want to Reschedule, click ‘Reschedule’, and proceed. 

  2. If it’s LESS than 48 hours from your scheduled appointment you must contact Management @ 502-489-7164 to reschedule. The closer you are to your scheduled appointment the more likely it is you’ll be charged a late cancellation fee. Management and Staff maintain the right to charge a fee for rescheduling less than 48 hours from your appointment, HOWEVER as mentioned above we work very hard to maintain amicable, respectful, courteous working relationships with our clients :)





Usually there’s street parking in front of the shop or across the street. However, during lunch and dinner rushes at the neighboring restaurants you may have to seek other options. 


  1. Cultured’s parking lot is kind of risky it seems, but we’ve never heard of a tow or ticket.

  2. The small lot adjacent to Cultured’s on the NW corner of Wenzel and Main, Plumber’s Supply’s lot is not a safe place to park without being towed or ticketed. Don’t park there. 

  3. The strip of road between Main and Washington on Wenzel is usually open. If not there’s Washington St.

  4. Washington St has a parking hack for the shop. If you park near Pyro Art Gallery you can walk down the alley to the left (east side) of the building, or you can follow the stone path on the right (west side) of the building next to the gallery. Both of those will land you on our back door step :)





Thanks so much for reading through all this! You're the kind of client we love to work with. Please subscribe to our Newsletter on the bottom of the screen to stay current on everything Butcher Block. Thanks so much!

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